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“Mille Baisers“ is a series of one thousand drawings based on the unique theme of the kiss. Each drawing represents two faces shown from different points of view. None of these drawings are identical. Each one bares a number and has a title. Each element measures 15 x 21 cm (5,9 x 8,2 inches). The drawings were made with ink, markers, pencils on different types of paper.

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This series was exibited for the first time in 1996 in Paris at the Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts. The purpose was to make an exhibition of original drawings sold at prices that students could afford. As a result hundreds of drawings were sold on opening night.

Later on, solo shows on based on the same principle took place in Lausane (Espace Saint François) and Tarascon (Cloître des Cordeliers). This series were constantly added too each time one was sold, in order to always remain at the number of 1000 drawings when exhibited. MARAVAL has completed 2165 original drawings.

This was a unique experience, the goal of the artist was to get abstract himself from all that he had learnt in the past about drawing and try not to master the medium, but on the contrary, totally reject it, cross out all influences and finally forget those too. The ultimate drawing being a sort of absolute virginity, not naive, not primitive, just an abandonement, an absence: a drawing without an author.
The best drawings were produced within a few seconds, in a lapse of memory, “like a veil in the wind”.

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